Airbnb Titles: Proven Formulas That Attract 5x More Bookings [Examples Included]

Composing a catchy Airbnb title is one of the most critical aspects when it comes to optimizing your Airbnb listing. It is crucial to make it memorable so that it draws attention to your vacation rental property. Read on to discover useful tips and formulas that can help you come up with catchy Airbnb titles for your listings.

As you create a new listing, writing a catchy Airbnb title is key to maximizing your bookings on the Airbnb platform. A better title ranks higher in the Airbnb search results and also generates immediate interest from potential guests.

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How to Create a Catchy Airbnb Title? 

Your Airbnb title needs to be attention-grabbing! As it is the first thing guests see, it must catch their attention. Your Airbnb title should create an impression of a very sought-after rental that will meet all the expectations of your guests. 

Think short, but informative and detailed enough to promote your property’s best features – all that in only 50 characters. Here are the top 8 best practices to help you come up with catchy Airbnb titles for your listings.

  1. Create an Airbnb Title That Appeals to Your Audience

    When composing a catchy Airbnb title for your listing, consider your typical guest. Why does this guest want to book your vacation rental? What will attract your target audience and draw their attention to your particular property?

    With the needs and expectations of your typical guests in mind, consider a title that will appeal to them. It’s better to narrow down your focus rather than try to use your Airbnb titles to appeal to all users.

    It is a good idea to include suggestive words to compose a great title. For example, the best Airbnb title to attract couples should contain words that promote love and romance. Titles such as ‘secluded resort for a perfect romantic getaway’ will attract those looking for a place for their romantic trip.

    If you’re trying to cater to business travelers, use adjectives that appeal to business travelers. Use words such as ‘convenient,’ ‘modern,’ or ‘bright’ when describing your place.

  2. Make the Most of the Character Limit

    Airbnb allows up to 50 characters for an Airbnb title – use all 50! With every word, you give guests yet another reason to browse your listing.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to keep your title short, especially when there are several features you want to include. This is where abbreviations and symbols come to the rescue.

  3. Use Abbreviations and Symbols to Save Characters

    Abbreviate common words to save space and create more informative titles. Here are some common Airbnb title abbreviations you can use:
         ○ With →  w/
         ○ Bedroom → BR
         ○ Bathroom → BA
         ○ Apartment → APT
         ○ Air conditioning → AC
         ○ Downtown → DT

    Some Airbnb hosts recommend using symbols to convey information in Airbnb titles. In fact, many of the best Airbnb names have symbols in them.

    For example, using a heart symbol or emoji to say ‘heart of downtown’ can save you a few characters. Titles like these are sweet and eye-catching and will inspire potential guests to click on your listing.

    To find relevant emojis and symbols use online emoji keyboards. Search for “emoji keyboard” on Google, select the most appropriate emoji, and paste it to your Airbnb title.

    However, don’t overdo it to the point that guests don’t take your Airbnb title seriously.

  4. Avoid Using Generic Words in Your Title

    The best Airbnb names always include catchy words. Avoid using generic words like ‘great,’ ‘nice,’ or ‘good.’ These words could describe just about any property on Airbnb. Instead, choose unique, illustrative words to describe your rental.

    Opt for specific adjectives that best portray your property such as ‘spacious’ or ‘rustic.’ Here are some examples of catchy words you can include in your title:
         ○ Luxury
         ○ Insta-worthy
         ○ Eclectic
         ○ Rare
         ○ Green
         ○ Glamorous
         ○ Renovated
         ○ Secluded
         ○ Peaceful
         ○ Contemporary
         ○ Hidden Gem
         ○ Oasis
         ○ Resort
         ○ Couple’s Getaway

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  5. Don’t Use All Capital Letters

    Using all capital letters is akin to shouting on the internet. There’s no need to use all caps in your Airbnb title to write a catchy one. Instead of attracting more attention, all caps titles are more likely to deter people from booking your rental.

    Also, listing titles written in all capital letters create an impression that they are of low quality or a potential scam. Be sure to use a title/sentence case and avoid all caps when composing your Airbnb titles.

  6. Highlight the Best Features

    A good, captivating Airbnb title should include the listing’s best features. If you’re not sure what to point out, read a few positive reviews. This will help you identify what guests like the most about your rental – what is its best feature.

    Highlight specific amenities to attract more attention to your vacation rental with the title. Include things like free parking for guests, Netflix, a swimming pool/hot tub area, free WiFi, etc.

    If you offer discounts or promotions, mention these special offers in the title as well. Good deals always attract more attention.

    Adjust your title to target guests who are traveling for a specific event in the area. For instance, if there’s a music festival taking place near your vacation rental, mention this info in your title. This way you will draw more attention to your rental and target a more specific audience.

  7. Emphasize Property Upgrades

    If you have made upgrades that gave your rental property a competitive edge, consider mentioning them in your title. You can add a preview word like ‘luxury’ and then explain what this means in your listing description.

    Preview words will inspire potential guests to read more about how the upgrades can help improve their experience at your rental. This will result in an increased number of bookings.

  8. Mention a Nearby Landmark

    Instead of mentioning the city or neighborhood, state your location by mentioning a nearby landmark. Most travelers choose properties that make sightseeing as convenient as possible. They choose rentals that allow them to follow their travel plan in the most efficient way.

    By describing your location with the use of a nearby landmark, you can let people know that your property delivers convenience.

    For example, mention the metro stop located near your vacation rental or the popular tourist attraction within walking distance. This will draw attention to your property and make your listing stand out.

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4 Proven Formulas for the Best Airbnb Titles

Now that you have a better understanding of how to write an attention-grabbing Airbnb title, here are some useful examples. These four formulas for writing the best Airbnb property title will help you draw attention to your listing. 

Formula 1: [Adjective] [Property Type] w/ [Top Features]

Title example 1: Rustic Private Cottage w/ King Bed + Oceanside View

Formula 2: [Adjective] [Property Type] Near [Landmark] – [Distance]

 Title example 2: Spacious 4 BR Near Eiffel Tour – 7 Min Walk

Formula 3: [Adjective] [Property Type] Perfect for [Experience Type]

Title example 3: Luxury Beach House Perfect for Romantic Weekend Getaway

Formula 4: Enjoy [Selling Point] at [Adjective]  [Property Type] in/at [Location]

Title example 4: Enjoy Sunsets at Fully Equipped 2BR Condo at the Beach

Top Title Examples [Explanation and Analysis]

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of why these particular title examples will attract more guests.

  • Title #1 Rustic Private Cottage w/ King Bed + Oceanside View

    Explanation: This is a good example of a catchy title that is intended to attract travelers looking for a more specific rental. Rustic private cottage gives an idea of the location of the property and the vintage, homey vibe it offers.

    When this is combined with the oceanside view, you can almost visualize the idyllic scenery without looking at photos.

    Mentioning the top feature, king-sized bed, makes the cottage even more appealing. This feature also promotes comfort and relaxation and promises a good night’s sleep.

  • Title #2 Spacious 4 BR Near Eiffel Tour – 7 Min Walk

    Explanation: This title is pretty straightforward and promotes the convenience of the location by emphasizing the distance from a popular landmark.

    Mentioning the nearby landmark will attract the attention of travelers looking for a place in the downtown area. This location will make it easier for them to complete their sightseeing plans without losing time.

  • Title #3  Luxury Beach House Perfect for Romantic Weekend Getaway

    Explanation: This title example is composed in a way that it grabs the attention of a specific audience.

    The specific audience, in this situation, is couples looking for a luxurious, romantic place on the beach for their getaway. Guests are more likely to click to view the property since, with this title, it will stand out among other properties.

  • Title #4 Enjoy Sunsets at Fully Equipped 2BR Condo at the Beach

    Explanation: This example will instantly draw the attention of travelers to the property.

    The selling point—watching sunsets—takes this rental to a whole new level. You get all the crucial info about the property itself, its location, and its plus feature—enjoying the sunsets. Who could resist this?

While there is no such thing as a perfect title, these formulas can help you stand out. Rely on these validated formulas to make sure that your Airbnb title is catchy and captivating. Though, don’t overlook the fact that it must deliver clear, value-added information as well. 

These tips will help you compose a memorable Airbnb title that lands five times more bookings. A catchy title will inspire more people to click on your listing to check your property. This way you’ll get a higher click-through rate. And, the more people look at your listing, the higher the conversion rate! 

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