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How Do iGMS Reports Work?

Hosting multiple properties successfully will always require of you to collect and analyze the financial data relating to vacation rental management that include: total revenue, cleaning fees, and management fee, taxes and service fees, payouts, and itinerary information. You also want to see the number of cleaning tasks performed per month to get the entire picture of income and expenditure affecting your accounts. Reporting is a convenient tool that will help you to have all this information aggregated, sorted and ordered.


Which Type of Reports Does iGMS Provide?

The iGMS Reports section can be accessed from the main menu. It comprises four key subsections:

  1. Payouts
  2. Reservations
  3. Monthly Revenue
  4. Tasks

Which Data Will Be Reflected in the Reports From Which Channels?

The data from Airbnb will be presented in all types of reports. For third-party platforms connected to iGMS via iCals (e.g. Booking.com and TripAdvisor), the reporting feature is not available.

Note: Information relating to reservations that were created manually will not be reflected in Reports.

I’m a co-host. Will I see data from co-hosted listings in Reports?

If you manage a co-hosted account, in the Reports section you will see information for the co-hosted listings only and only if you have access to such data on Airbnb in the first place. For example, if 100% of the payments go to a co-host, these won’t be shown in a host’s payouts. You can find more details about the specifics of co-hosted listings in our article on How to Co-host on iGMS.

Who Has Access to Reports?

By default, the Reports section is accessible to the Administrator, Accountant and Property Owner, but you can also give permissions such as Price Management, Financial Viewer or Reporting to your other team members, enabling access to this section for them.

In case you have any questions about the Reports section in iGMS, please contact our Customer Experience Team via support@igms.com.

Updated on May 14, 2019

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