7 steps to listing your Airbnb properties like a Pro

You definitely want to read this article if you have Airbnb properties. Check it out and make your listing description perfect!

When it comes to making a selling Airbnb listing, being truthfully detailed about your property description is very important. The accuracy of your Airbnb properties description ensures that your vacation rental guests fully understand what to expect when they are hosted on your property and as such negating the risk of getting a bad review.

Having a creatively written, informative description of your Airbnb properties is quite easy and I will be walking you through the process.

Step 1. Make Eye-catching Titles

When potential guests look through possible Airbnb properties, a listing name is the first noticeable element. There are loads of  Airbnb properties, you will need to be uniquely catchy with your titles to stand out from the crowd.

  • Listing A: Freeman Street House
  • Listing B: Cozy Condo with a Pool and Garden

Clearly, listing “B” trumps listing “A” when it comes to attracting potential guests.

Try to avoid using the word “best” if you do not have an objective proof for it. Although it may seem more attractive to potential customers most of the times it sounds too generic and overpromising.

Step 2. Include Precise Details of Your Airbnb Properties

Give potential guests precise details, starting from the type of property i.e. house, condo, apartment, townhouse, loft, duplex etc.

 Airbnb properties tips

Description of your Airbnb properties should contain graphical details of what your guests can expect. Below is an example:

  • Bedroom: Bright, spacious and outward facing rooms, furnished with exclusively designed Dreamax bed, a fully equipped modern bathroom finished in premium quality gold splashed ceramics with an independent entrance. Smart home auto-temperature regulation.
  • Kitchen: Modern and spacious kitchen with stainless steel counters, fully equipped with a six burner gas range with conventional oven, char broiler, deep fryer, double gas stock pot burners, 2 stainless steel prep table and sink, reach-in refrigerator, sheet pans and rolling racks and other necessary kitchenware necessary for making a gourmet meal.
  • Condo: A very spacious cozy condo with an awesome picturesque view of the city. A fireplace to warm you up on chilly nights and a pool to keep you cool on sunny afternoons.

Step 3. Describe the Neighborhood

You would do well to provide potential guests with a feel of what it’s like in your Airbnb properties neighborhoods. Highlight beneficial aspects, include details of “Must See” spots, tourist’s attraction sites, proximity to major locations like the mall, the stadium, the park etc. The transport details will be extremely beneficial. Guests would be happy to know how to get to the bus station, airport, etc.

Below is an example of an eye-catching property neighborhood description:

  • The beautiful city park is within a walking distance (5 minutes) from the property while you can get to enjoy a view of the beautiful art artifacts of the famous XYZ Museum which is a few minutes’ drive away.
  • The property is at the very center of New York, having an amazingly breathtaking eagle eye view of the entire city. The neighborhood offers nightlife activities with amazing bars and clubs.

Step 4. Detail your Airbnb Properties Amenities

Adding information about amenities available is a no-brainer. Do not forget to list all of them. Amenities include but are not limited to:

  • Flat-screen TV
  • Satellite Channels
  • Ironing Facilities
  • Laptop Safe
  • Hair Dryer
  • Minibar
  • Hydromassage Bathtub
  • Wireless Internet
  • Others

You should ensure that the listed amenities functions flawlessly. If something from the list is out of order your risk of bad review obviously gets high.

Step 5. Include House Rules

It is important you include a set of house rules informing guests of the expected standards of conduct. The inclusion of house rules in your Airbnb properties listings would help both the host and the guests enjoy a better experience.

House rules include but are not limited to:

Pet policy: You should state if you allow pets on the Airbnb properties and ascertain what type of pets are allowed and in what sizes.

Smoking rules: You should specify if smoking is allowed in the property or not.

Extra guests: Are your guests allowed to have visitors or bring in another guest? This is a question that should be clearly defined.

Off-limit areas: Are there places on the Airbnb properties that are restricted to guests? You should be sure to clearly define these restrictions.

Cleaning and laundry procedures: There should be stated rules guiding the cleanliness of your Airbnb properties. Specify where laundry, as well as trash, should be kept.

Others: This can include rules on parties and gatherings, eating areas, quiet time as well as other host personalized house rules.

While making house rules, it is also important that the said rules are not too stringent that the Airbnb properties description becomes unattractive to potential guests. House rules should be:

  • Simple and uncomplicated
  • Well-defined i.e. let the rules be clear and concise.

Step 6. Extra costs and Discounts

Be sure to mention all additional costs for a guest: cleaning fee, the cost for an extra bed, etc. Another useful tip would be offering some discounts for staying 7, 10, 14 days. The number of days is up to you to decide. We all love special offers, don’t we? Put on your marketing hat and you will definitely like the results.

Step 7. Promote Yourself as a Host

Writing a compelling Airbnb properties listings mainly involves the promotion of your properties but it is also important that you sell yourself as a host too.

As a host, you should exude an air of awesome personality and professionalism. Potential guests should be able to identify with your persona, trust you and look forward to getting to know you. Your profile should include a nice photo of yourself and an interesting relatable description.

Now you are all done. Your compelling vacation rental listing is ready!

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