5 Shortcuts to Manage an Airbnb Remotely Like a Pro

Managing an Airbnb remotely is not an easy task, but it is not impossible. Setting up a solid business process can help you manage your rental from a distance and ensure a stable income. Discover 5 useful tips that will help you to set up the right management process and handle your business remotely.

When Airbnb guests book your property, they expect a home that is clean and accurately portrayed by the Airbnb listing. They also expect an easy guest check-in process and important information at hand. This seems fairly straightforward.

What complicates all this is being physically away from your property. This brings up the question – how can you manage your vacation rental from a distance? The answer lies in setting up a business process that makes it possible for you to manage your Airbnb rental remotely. manage airbnb remotely pic1

Regardless of where you are physically located, you’ll need to attend to all of your guests’ needs. By doing so, you will deliver a flawless guest experience. Follow these 5 rules on how to manage an Airbnb remotely to run your Airbnb business smoothly, even when traveling.

1. Offer Self-check-in 

To ensure your guests can access your property without meeting you in person, think about arranging self-check-in. You can either opt for a solution such as a key lock box or consider installing an electronic or smart lock.

Key management services can be a great idea too. There are several solutions available to help you manage key handoff, including Keycafe and Everydoor.io. 

  • Keycafe, which integrates with iGMS, allows you to manage key exchanges with multiple guests and cleaners. You’ll be able to manage access to keys for all your properties from a single account. You’ll receive real-time SMS updates whenever the keys to your property are accessed. 
  • As another option to help you manage Airbnb remotely, Everydoor.io provides keyless self-check-in for guests and staff through smart locks. Smart locks provide better security for your properties. They allow guests to access your property only when a wireless signal from a smartphone verifies the guests’ entry.
    If your property requires a pin code to access the building, you can also use the Everydoor.io app and give your guests a pin code to enter into the intercom’s keypad.

With Keycafe or Everydoor.io, you can automatically send access instructions. This means that your guests have all the information they need to enter your property right at their fingertips.

Managing entry to your rental remotely via an app also means that help is readily available if your guests need it. You’ll get instant notifications if your guests are having trouble gaining access to your property. Also, you’ll know immediately if there is an unauthorized person attempting to enter.

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With Airbnb key management apps, you will stay in full control of all entries, check-ins, and checkouts. They will also help you avoid inconvenient scenarios such as the cleaning company entering the property before guests’ checkout.

2. Manage Airbnb Remotely With Vacation Rental Software

Managing your business remotely can be quite a challenge. However, thanks to automation, you can be sure your business is under control even if you are away, traveling the world.

Vacation rental software such as iGMS allows you to control all guest communication, bookings, and alterations. Also, you will be able to monitor and manage day-to-day property management operations. With iGMS, you can: 

  • improve your guest communication by having your dialogues organized within the unified inbox;
  • keep your guests informed by taking advantage of automated triggered messages;
  • automate the process of leaving reviews for your guests;
  • synchronize your calendars and manage your reservations across different channels within one interface;
  • stay on top of your business results using the reporting feature; 
  • and more…

iGMS allows you to stay in full control of remote team management. You will be able to manage, add, and monitor cleaning and maintenance tasks assigned to other team members. All this can be done remotely, from the web software or a mobile app. 

3. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional Airbnb cleaning service means you don’t have to be on-site to handle each guest turnover. A professional cleaning service can handle routine tasks after a guest leaves, such as disinfecting and cleaning. In the meantime, you can enjoy your vacation or concentrate your efforts on strategic tasks.

In addition, a cleaning service will also take care of commonly overlooked areas. Professional cleaners will take care of all the hard-to-reach places to ensure your rental is sparkling clean.
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Provide a personalized cleaning checklist for the cleaning company to ensure high levels of cleanliness for your vacation rental. 

4. Find 24/7 Maintenance Vendors You Can Trust

If you are trying to manage Airbnb remotely, one of the most important aspects of your business is your maintenance vendors. You need trustworthy maintenance professionals, who are ready to respond to any request, at any time of the day.

All the following vendors should be on your speed-dial in order to manage your Airbnb effectively remotely:

  • Backup cleaning services
  • Plumber
  • Handyman
  • Electrician
  • HVAC repair services
  • Landscaping services
  • Pool cleaning service (if applicable)
  • Pest control

Maintenance issues at a property always seem to pop up at the worst possible time. No matter what happens, your guests will expect you to take action immediately. If it takes you too long to respond to an urgent situation, your guests will give you bad reviews. Consequently, this will result in decreased revenue. 

When choosing the right vendors, search for trusted companies. You will need someone you can rely on and who can take proper care of urgent repair tasks right away. A 24/7 service from your team of vendors is essential to effectively manage Airbnb remotely.

5. Compose a Comprehensive Guestbook 

Provide your guests with all the important information upon their arrival. This way there will be no need for them to contact you with any additional questions during their stay. Welcome guests arriving at your rental with an informative guidebook for the exceptional guest experience.

  • Your Airbnb welcome guestbook should contain information about local places to visit, public transportation schedules, etc. 
  • Place it in a highly visible place, such as on the kitchen countertop, to be sure your guests will spot it. 
  • It is highly recommended to mention your check-in and check-out procedures on your Airbnb listing. In addition to this, include them in your welcome book. 
  • Finally, WiFi codes and troubleshooting tips should be sent to guests automatically via Airbnb after their bookings are confirmed. Also, be sure to include this information in your welcome binder.


Creating a complete system to manage an Airbnb remotely is crucial for running a business from a distance.

Although it may sound like a lot of setting up, it is necessary for an Airbnb business to be profitable. These five tips can help you establish an efficient business flow for easier remote management of your business. And, of course, maintain a passive income.

By ensuring that your system runs perfectly at all times, you will attract more bookings and get more positive reviews. All this will establish you as a trustworthy and successful Airbnb host. 

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