5 Shortcuts to Manage Airbnb Remotely Like a Pro

Managing Airbnb remotely is something you can handle. If you read and follow these 5 tips that will help you to set up the right management process.

When Airbnb guests book you property, they expect a home that is clean, accurately portrayed by the Airbnb listing, offers an easy check-in process and has someone they can contact if they have questions. No-brainer, right? Regardless of where you are physically located, you’ll need to attend to all of the needs of your guests and deliver a flawless experience. Delivering a 10 out of 10 customer experience every time even though you manage Airbnb remotely is the only way to ensure that you keep your status as a Superhost, get positive reviews and stable income consistently.

So how can you do this if you’re out of town? Fortunately, there are solutions! The answer is to set up a business process that makes it possible for you to manage Airbnb remotely. Following these 5 tips on how to manage Airbnb remotely will help you to ensure that your Airbnb business runs smoothly even if you are traveling or living in a different city.

1. Add Keyless Entry or Key Management

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Keyless entry or key management for your property can save you a lot of time. There are several solutions available to help you manage entry for your property including Keycafe and Everydoor.io. Keycafe is a key exchange solution that allows you to use your existing keys, remotely manage access to your home.

Keycafe, which integrates with iGMS, allows you to manage both multiple guests and cleaners while you are away from your property. You’ll be able to manage access to keys for all of your properties from a single account. You’ll also get real-time SMS updates whenever the keys to your property are accessed

As another option to help you manage Airbnb remotely, Everydoor.io provides keyless self-check-in for guests and staff through smart locks. Smart locks provide better security for your properties by only allowing guests to access your property when a wireless signal from a smartphone verifies the guests’ entry.

In addition, if your property requires a pin code for access to the building, you can also use the Everydoor.io app to give guests a pin code to enter into the intercom’s keypad. With Keycafe or Everydoor.io, you can automatically deliver access instructions so that your guests have all of the information to access your property that they need at their fingertips.

Managing entry to your property remotely via an app also means that help is readily available if your guests need it. You’ll get instant notifications if your guests are having trouble gaining access to your property and you’ll know immediately if there is an unauthorized person attempting to enter.

With Airbnb keyless entry or key management apps, you can say goodbye to those awkward situations where the cleaners arrive only to find that the current guests have not yet departed or the need for you to be on-site to hand over the keys.

2. Manage Airbnb Remotely With Vacation Rental Software

Using a vacation rental software, such as iGMS, to manage Airbnb remotely is essential if occupancy rate and productivity are important metrics for you. iGMS is a cloud-based vacation rental software that allows you to control your guest communications, bookings, alterations as well as manage day-to-day operations of your Airbnb management business.

WIth iGMS, you’ll get templates that you can use to answer commonly asked questions, auto-notifications that make it easier for you to respond quickly to every reservation request, along with deep integration with the Airbnb platform to eliminate routine tasks that are prone to human errors when performed manually.

iGMS can increase your productivity by up to 80% by allowing you to work together with a team, as well. You’ll have access to advanced features that will allow you to create operational tasks, invite team members, create work orders, schedule cleanings and tasks, and more. As your Airbnb business grows, you can also employ access management which allows you to assign different access levels to users depending on their roles and job functions. All of these can be done remotely from the web software or a mobile app.

3. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

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Hiring a professional Airbnb cleaning service will ensure that you don’t need to be on-site to handle the turnover of the property after each guest leaves. A cleaning service can handle routine tasks such as disinfecting and cleaning up clutter. And you can meanwhile enjoy your vacation or concentrate your efforts on strategic tasks.

In addition, a cleaning service will also take care of commonly overlooked areas, such as cobwebs on the walls or stains on the countertops, so that your guests always feel as if they are walking into an immaculately clean property every time. A cleaning service will also make sure that your property is always stocked with the basic necessities that guests require, such as sheets, towels, and snacks.

4. Find 24/7 Maintenance Vendors You Can Trust

If you are trying to manage Airbnb remotely, one of the most important aspects of your business is your maintenance vendors. Maintenance services need to be in place and ready to respond to any of your requests at all times of the day. You need to have all of the following vendors on speed-dial in order to effectively manage Airbnb remotely:

  • Backup cleaning services
  • Plumber
  • Handyman
  • Electrician
  • HVAC repair services
  • Landscaping services
  • Pool (if applicable)
  • Pest control

Unfortunately, maintenance issues at your property always seem to pop up at the worst possible time. No matter what happened, your guests will expect you to do something right away. Keep in mind that for every minute it takes you to respond to an urgent situation at your property, you’ll be risking poor reviews and lost revenues.

If the air conditioner isn’t working or the toilet overflows, make sure that you have vendors who you can use to manage Airbnb remotely. You need to be able to trust them to take care of those urgent repair tasks for you right away, even if they happen late at night or on a holiday. You need 24/7 service from your team of vendors in order to effectively manage Airbnb remotely.

5. Post Important Welcome Information

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If you provide your guests with a binder full of the important information that they need to know, there is less of a chance that they will need to contact you for anything during your stay. Put a binder full of information about local things to do, laundry, public transportation in a highly visible place, such as on the kitchen countertop or on a bench in the foyer of your property.

You should also make sure that you include your check-in and check-out procedures on your Airbnb listing so that guests know what to expect. Finally, any Wi-Fi codes and troubleshooting tips should be sent to guests automatically via Airbnb after their bookings are confirmed and should also be included in your welcome binder.

Although it may sound like a lot of setups, if you want your Airbnb business to be successful, you need a complete system to manage Airbnb remotely. By ensuring that your system always runs like a well-oiled machine, you can maintain your status as a Superhost and attract more bookings and positive reviews for your property.

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