7 Reasons to Use Airbnb Management Software for Your Vacation Rentals

Automation has proven to be a powerful way of increasing ROI without increasing costs. As a result, Airbnb management software has been proven to be highly effective in helping Airbnb hosts manage their Airbnb businesses.

What does it take to grow your Airbnb business? As an Airbnb host, you’re always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your operations.

In recent years, the popularity of Airbnb has skyrocketed which means that Airbnb hosts are now busier than ever. With increasing numbers of guests and listings, Airbnb hosts must constantly assess the effort required to maintain their businesses versus the potential ROI.

Automation has proven to be a powerful way of increasing ROI without increasing costs. As a result, Airbnb management software has been proven to be highly effective in helping Airbnb hosts manage their Airbnb businesses.

If you’re trying to decide whether you need to invest in software for your Airbnb business, here are 7 reasons why you should consider using Airbnb management software for your vacation rental.

1. Flawless Communication With Guests

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Airbnb guests expect on-demand customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since it is not feasible for you to respond to messages at all hours of the day or night, you might have considered adding more staff to handle these communications.

Instead, automation can fill in the gaps without increasing your overhead costs. On average, Airbnb hosts send 2,500 messages per month. Meanwhile, over 70% of these messages can be automated by using vacation rental software.

Automated responses to guests allow Airbnb hosts to enable flawless communication. Guests receive immediate and accurate responses to their inquiries. The end result is that these automated responses lead to more bookings.

Airbnb management software can also trigger automated messages at predefined times. This allows you to contact guests to send house rules and check-in/check-out details even when you are physically unable to respond to them.

In fact, iGMS users save up to 60 hours of work each month which would otherwise be spent on answering messages related to check-in/check-out, property instructions, and more. With automation, you can deliver better customer service with less work.

2. More Guest Reviews

Most Airbnb guests do not leave reviews. In fact, studies have shown that just 20% of guests take the initiative to leave reviews without being prompted to do so by hosts. That means that it is up to you to directly solicit reviews from your bookings if you want to ensure that the majority of your guests leave reviews.

By enabling automated guest reviews with Airbnb management software, you can dramatically increase the number of reviews that you receive from every booking. More reviews mean that you can achieve Airbnb Superhost status, earn a higher ranking on Airbnb, and receive more bookings.

3. Higher Airbnb Ranking

Airbnb uses a search ranking algorithm to help make it easier for guests to find the right listings for their needs. However, these rankings aren’t completely arbitrary. There are things that you can do to influence your Airbnb ranking. Higher Airbnb ranking can result from automated changes to your listing as a result of using vacation management software.

Airbnb’s search ranking algorithm considers listing details, including the number of reviews, pricing, and how quickly the hosts respond to requests. All of these are factors that would be continuously updated as a result of using Airbnb management software. As a result, using Airbnb management software may help to boost your Airbnb ranking.

4. Real-time Calendar Synchronization

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If you list your property on more than one vacation rental platform, keeping your calendars in sync in order to avoid double bookings can become a nightmare, if done manually. In order to effectively manage your Airbnb business, you should use Airbnb management software. This will ensure that your guests have real-time information about the availability of your listings.

5. Multiple Accounts Management

As an Airbnb manager acting on behalf of vacation rental owners, you might be tasked with managing multiple Airbnb accounts. If using one Airbnb account simply isn’t an option, Airbnb management software provides the solution that you need to manage multiple accounts from a single user interface.

This will help to streamline your business by helping you to avoid the headaches of logging in and out of multiple accounts. You’ll have all of the communication and listings of multiple accounts available to you in a single software.

6. Airbnb Management Software Makes Teams More Efficient

The greatest benefit of using Airbnb management software is that it allows you to grow business without increasing headcount, thanks to automation. Automation helps you to get more out of your employees by relieving them of tedious, low-value work. When your team can focus on more valuable tasks, you’ll be able to realize greater productivity and reach your business goals faster.

Many Airbnb hosts are taking advantage of team management features available in some Airbnb management software to schedule cleaning and other tasks with third-party vendors. This greatly improves efficiency for Airbnb hosts, cleaners and vendors.

7. Airbnb Management Software Saves Time

The days of manually assigning and supervising all routine tasks are over. Today, Airbnb hosts can achieve much better results from using software that saves time. Scalability is extremely important for increasing the profitability of your Airbnb business and vacation rental management software provides the leverage that you need.

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Most importantly, the best Airbnb management software allows you to automate routine tasks, which is a huge time saver. As a result, Airbnb management software that offers automation features makes it easier for you to grow your business because you can maintain a greater number of listings with the same or fewer resources.

While automation does not eliminate the hard work of managing an Airbnb business, it can make some things a lot easier. Automation is the future of Airbnb management so if you want your Airbnb business to remain competitive, now is the time to adopt Airbnb management software.

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