iGMS Joins with LuggageHero to Offer Airbnb Luggage Storage

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We are excited to introduce a new partnership between iGMS and LuggageHero - a company providing convenient Airbnb luggage storage for guests. Read about the benefits this partnership will bring to all iGMS customers!

Here at iGMS we understand the importance of exceeding guest expectations and making your guests feel special. As property managers we know you are busy people, so we’ve sorted out a super deal for your guests. We’ve teamed up with LuggageHero, a peer-to-peer economy sharing company, to offer convenient Airbnb luggage storage for guests. The good news is that this will also provide an additional revenue source for vacation rental hosts. 

iGMS Joins with LuggageHero to Offer Airbnb Luggage Storage

Introducing Luggage Hero 

Founder Jannik Lawaetz came up with the LuggageHero concept after getting tired of dragging his own luggage around. He reasoned it would be much easier to leave his luggage at a café, hotel or retail outlet.  If he could lighten his load, he would be granted the freedom to enjoy the local area and its attractions, unencumbered by heavy baggage. Keen to see his initial idea become a reality, Lawaetz pressed on, and in 2016 Luggage Hero was born. 

Luggage Hero Airbnb Luggage Storage Locations

Starting in his hometown of Copenhagen, Lawaetz continued to develop his fledgling business, expanding operations to London and then New York. Nowadays Luggage Hero offers its services in numerous urban areas across Europe and North America. 

LuggageHero has established secure Airbnb luggage storage locations in a number of existing businesses, such as cafes and hotels. The sites are vetted beforehand and regular checks are carried out. 

List of official LuggageHero cities at the time of writing: 

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Brussels, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dublin, Florence, Hamburg, Hamburg, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Manchester, Marseille, Miami, Milan, Montreal, Munich, Málaga, New York City, Nice, Paris, Porto, Rome, San Francisco, Seville, Valencia, Venice, Vienna and Washington DC.

Coverage is continually expanding, so it’s worth checking the online list for updates. You can find the list here.

What Does The iGMS & LuggageHero Partnership Have to Offer?

Here at iGMS we’ve collaborated with LuggageHero to come up with a special offer for your guests – 1 hour of free Airbnb luggage storage.  We’re also pleased to tell you that as an iGMS property manager you won’t have to pay a penny to use Luggage Hero. Here’s how to take advantage of this great deal: 

  • Register your rental property via the link. This will generate your landing page, complete with your logo and two color codes.
  • The free 1 hour of Airbnb luggage storage is included in the link, so your guests won’t have to worry about typing in any promotional code. 
  • Your guests use the landing page to secure the services of LuggageHero, and you (the property owner) receive a commission. Not only do you help guests with their luggage storage, you get rewarded for it! 

How Do Guests Benefits from Using Luggage Hero?  

Some guests arrive too early to check-in to your property. They can kill time by wandering around the local area, checking out the attractions, grabbing a drink at the local café, etc. But if they have lots of luggage in tow this can prove to be a pain. 

Guests often face the same problem when checking out, they’ve left your property but have spare time before their flight departs. They would love to spend the last few hours of their trip shopping and sight-seeing, but not with a suitcase for company!

If your guests aren’t keen on dragging around luggage, they could go on the hunt for an elusive storage locker. However, they have to find the right change in the right currency to pay for it! 

LuggageHero comes to the rescue, with their wide network of secure Airbnb luggage storage sites. All luggage is insured for up to £2.200/€2.500/$2700 and bags are sealed with a unique security seal. The company offers on-demand luggage storage so guests pay an affordable hourly rate. 

How Do Hosts Benefits from Using LuggageHero?  

First off, you are offering your guests something extra, a solution to their luggage problems. Let’s not forget they will get 1 hour of Airbnb luggage storage for free! Everyone loves a thoughtful host (and a freebie). 

You can also say goodbye to the problems associated with guests asking to leave luggage at your property when they departure (or asking to drop bags off early on arrival). 

If you sign up to LuggageHero via iGMS you will receive a 10% commission on every £/€/$ your guests spend on luggage storage. You also get a co-branded site featuring your logo and corporate colors. 

To take advantage of this offer simply follow this link.

It’s Time to Exceed the Expectations of Your Guests

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, guests like to be made a fuss of. Offering a first-class guest experience is a sure-fire way of securing positive feedback. So what else can you do to exceed guest expectations? 

Alongside the Airbnb luggage storage offer, you could manage your short-term rental properties by using professional iGMS vacation rental software. Supercharge your business, save time and money, and boost your occupancy rate. It’s time to set your vacation rental business on autopilot.

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