Our Airbnb Software’s Fab New Free Plan: Real Change Without Charge

We are excited to introduce our new free pricing plan from one to four Airbnb listings. Yes, you've got it right! Airbnb hosts will now be able to manage up to four listings at iGMS at zero cost. Don't miss it!

The iGMS team has something to air. As you probably know by now, the iGMS team always has something in mind to surprise you… And now we have yet another revolutionary announcement to make!

We have extended our free pricing plan from one to four Airbnb listings. Yes, you’ve got it right! Airbnb hosts will now be able to manage up to four listings at iGMS at zero cost. Only when you connect the fifth listing will you be charged according to our pro pricing plan.

Recently we have launched two new features – a Single Property Airbnb Calendar and “Switch to” Smart Navigation. Now we have yet again made it even easier for hosts to grow their businesses…

Up till now hosts with one listing were able to use our Airbnb software to manage their short-term vacation rental business for free. This was already a pretty attractive offer, but we have decided to make it on the house. We don’t aim to blow our own trumpet, but this is indeed a fantastic chance for hosts to grow their business. Believe it or not, but other Airbnb management software companies do not offer that kind of functionality for free. So, if you are reading these lines and do not have an account with us yet, guess what – it is high time for you to automate your Airbnb business and earn more with iGMS.

So what does our free plan offer hosts?

There are countless possibilities! Our Airbnb software enables you to control all your guest communication, bookings and the daily tasks linked with running your business.

Though, what really sets iGMS apart from other Airbnb software solutions is that we offer hosts a couple of exclusive features to help hosts grow their short-term rental business and take it to new extraordinary heights.

 Free Airbnb Management Software

Our fabulous free plan enables hosts to manage multiple Airbnb accounts in one dashboard and conveniently manage all conversations via a single inbox. Our users can confirm that our Airbnb software really offers you all the tools for first-class guest communication. And amazingly you can automate up to 70% of your messaging with guests! Then, there are also the message templates and native autoresponders that will help hosts to take the stress out of communicating with guests.

On top of these tools that will make communication as easy as ABC, when you sign up and create your free account you will also get access to our reviews automation feature. Any host can tell you that getting guests to leave a review is crucial if you want to succeed in this industry. In fact, only about two out of every 10 guests will write a review! One of the best ways to get more reviews is to write more reviews and with our reviews automation, feature writing reviews is effortless.

We at iGMS have really made it our mission to free up valuable resources for vacation rental managers. Being Airbnb hosts ourselves, we know that time and money are two of the most valuable resources and with the help of our very useful features hosts can save loads of time without even having to pay for it. But not only will you save time and money, iGMS helps to increase revenue by up to 30% with the same number of listings! And this is not a number made up on a whim.

You are probably thinking to yourself that there has to be a catch, right? If you are worried about any extra costs, you can rest assured that when you sign up for our free plan we have no hidden fees whatsoever.

Our Airbnb management software is already used by hundreds of hosts from all across the world and we believe that with our new extended free plan even more hosts will be able to benefit from the features offered and experience first-hand why iGMS is one of the leaders in the Airbnb software industry. With this new deal, hosts can really grow their business by using automation that will significantly increase their efficiency. Take advantage of this offer right away and you’ll be amazed by the results. Don’t slave away any further, free yourself from the routine tasks by signing up for our free plan.




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